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Waterside life at Aquavista

There’s something about a marina, even a busy one, that allows you to relax. The gentle motion of the water beneath you, the sense of calm that soothes your spirit, the feeling that the busy world is not your concern for a while. Whether you live on a marina, moor your boat with us or want to simply visit to enjoy the surroundings, our mission is to bring everything together seamlessly so that you can find the peace and tranquility of waterside life.

Geese swimming along a canal in the sun.

Get close to nature

From the grassy banks of Bath Waterside & Marina to the rural beauty at Galgate Waterside & Marina, nature surrounds you at Aquavista. Our marinas allow you to spot interesting wildlife and reconnect with nature. We take pride in maintaining the green spaces around our marinas and many residents plant and grow flowers, shrubs and trees to add colour and texture. Stay awhile and feel the closeness of nature.

A man reading a book at the window of a canal boat.

Take pleasure in the simple things

Slow down, unwind, and enjoy the moment. Taking pleasure in the simple things in life is at the heart of the Aquavista experience. At our marinas, you can step away from the world, enjoy the view, feel time slow down and allow yourself to immerse in a simpler way of life.

A boat moored at the canal side with the dusk light reflecting on the water.

Relax with service and facilities

With safe and secure moorings, great facilities and a range of services, we’re here to help you enjoy waterside life. Our Waterside Crew understand the life, can offer advice and help, and are there when you need them. We can help you to buy or sell your boat and our marinas have a range of additional services, from chandlery to workshops. We even have Floating Homes, where you can live the waterside life with ease.

The torso of a woman who is holding a mug of tea or hot chocolate on a boat on the canal.

The Aquavista promise

With our longstanding experience in the marine leisure industry and our determination to listen and deliver, we are focused on getting the basics right for you and committed to excellent customer service.

We are also committed to playing our part in the long-term conservation of Britain’s beautiful waterways and take action towards the use of more environmental sources such as recycling and the use of FSC timber. We also obtain Green energy from our utility suppliers, intending to move to entirely renewable sources shortly.

Discover waterside life with us today.