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Aquavista authorised brokers

Why use a broker to sell your boat?

Not everyone has the time or the confidence to sell their own boat; that’s why using a broker makes sense. A broker can help you throughout the selling process, from valuing your boat to marketing it effectively to completing the sale. We have a well-established and successful brokerage at Aquavista and we also have a number of trusted brokerage partners.

Read on to discover the right broker for you.

1. Sell your boat with Aquavista

Selling your boat with Aquavista couldn’t be easier. We can help you sell your boat in the following marinas: Sawley, Kings, Limehouse, Packet Boat and Poplar.

2. Sell your boat with Boatshed

Boatshed is a large and reputable brokerage group that we recommend if you are berthed at one of our marinas not covered by our own brokerage service (Sawley, Kings, Limehouse, Packet Boat and Poplar.) Boatshed provide a comprehensive brokerage service which includes advising you on pricing, creating a detailed listing with pictures, and handling the negotiation process on your behalf.

Visit Boatshed website


3. Buying and selling boats in London

The boat market in London is unique and it helps to work with brokers who are fully immersed in it. We have our own London brokerage service covering Limehouse, Packet Boat and Poplar Marinas and we also recommend two London specialists, River Homes and Houseboats at London. River Homes is a family owned business and one of the leading authorities on boat life in London. Houseboats at London have 40 years of boating history and also provide a boat skippering service to deliver boats to marinas.

Visit River Homes website

Visit Houseboats at London website


Selling with an authorised broker

If you are selling your boat with one of our authorised brokers, we advise you to discuss your agreement with them in detail and be clear about their commission fees, to ensure you get the right package for your needs.

Once you are happy with the package from your broker, there are a number of steps, with accompanying paperwork that you must follow to sell your boat from an Aquavista mooring, but don’t worry, we will take you through them in detail when you are ready to sell.

You can sell your boat with or without transferring the berth to the new owner, and there are further forms and fees associated with a transfer. Once again, we’ll guide you through the process and provide all the information you need. Aquavista customers can find more details about this by logging in to My Waterside & Marina.


Tips for selling your boat

Discover the secrets to a successful boat sale with our guide to selling your boat, covering everything from deciding on a selling price to presenting it well for viewings.