Need to sell your boat quickly?
Don't worry, we're here to help you maximise your price and take all the hassle out of selling your boat by dealing with all the details, making it happen quickly and helping things to run smoothly.
We know all about selling yachts, cruisers, Dutch barges, narrowboats, wide beams and all the rest.
If you treasure your boat and want support to sell it and a no-fuss process – we’re here to help.


Here are some great reasons to chose to sell your boat with Aquavista:
  • Free expert valuation at any location

  • We get your boat on sale quickly

  • No sale, no fee

  • We handle all the viewings, negotiations and legal stuff

  • Advertise to 25,000 active monthly boat buyers online

  • Benefit from our network of 5,000 marina boaters


Selling a boat with Aquavista is incredibly easy. In fact, you can do it in just four simple steps.
V A L U A T I O N 
We carry out a full inspection of your boat to provide an expert and realistic valuation based on our findings and the current market climate.
If you accept our valuation and sign our vendor’s agreement, we’ll get your boat up for sale within just 48 hours!
O N   S A L E
Your boat will be marketed across our online channels and at our marinas, ensuring maximum exposure.
We have one of the busiest online boat marketplaces in the UK and have over 5,000 moorings across our 29 marinas. 
All viewings are handled on your behalf, and you’ll be provided with regular updates.
O F F E R 
After receiving an offer, we’ll contact you to advise on the pros and cons.
If accepted, we’ll take the deposit from the purchaser, and they’ll get a survey done on the boat.
After the survey, we’ll send out the paperwork for you to sign.
Thanks to our busy boat sales network, our boats can often sell on the same day they’re put up for sale.
Once the money has cleared in our account, we’ll ask you to sign a Bill of Sale to be given to the new owner as proof of ownership.
After this is done, we will release your money to your preferred bank account and...
...congratulations, you’ve now sold your boat!
You can learn all this and more in our complete guide. Just click the link here for instant access. 


If you're North, South, or in the Midlands, there are lots of options on places to sell. 
If you’re moored at one of our 29 marinas, we can sell your boat straight from your mooring.
And if you’re new to Aquavista, we can offer a free 3-month berth at one of our boat sales jetties at Sawley Marina or Crick Marina
We offer extremely competitive brokerage rates, and there are absolutely no upfront costs. 
Contact our boat sales team on 01455 249000 or fill in your details in the form below to get a free boat valuation today.

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Need some help selling your boat? Our complete tips and tricks guide for how to sell your boat is a must-read for beginners. 
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You can learn all this and more in our complete guide. Just click the link here for instant access. 


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