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Are there any upfront costs when selling with Aquavista?

Do I have to show people around my boat or does somebody else?

Somebody mentioned that I need to get a bill of sale when selling or buying a boat, what is that?

Can I sell my boat myself within an Aquavista marina?

I’m a resident, so can I still live on my boat while you sell it?

Do I still have to pay moorings whilst I sell my boat through Aquavista?

Does my boat have to be insured and hold a valid boat safety certificate?

Where can I look for boats for sale?

Do I have any fees to pay when buying a boat?

What does the buying process consist of?

What do I need to do before I collect my boat?

Once I’ve bought a boat what do I do about acquiring a mooring for it?

I’m thinking of buying a boat but what maintenance is involved?

Can I get a mortgage on a floating home?

Can I buy my own floating home and put it in a private location?

Can I leave my floating home in my will in the same way as I could leave a bricks and mortar house?

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