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Winter moorings

Rest awhile while the weather’s cold

Winter moorings

As a continuous cruiser, a friendly and safe place for you to settle for the winter months is an important consideration. With an Aquavista winter mooring, you have everything you need to take a break from cruising until the spring.

What is a winter mooring?

Winter moorings are for continuous cruisers who need a base for the winter. The are similar to residential moorings in that you have your own berth and you can stay overnight on your boat while it’s moored. However, unlike a residential mooring, you can’t use your boat as your postal address and of course, the mooring expires at the end of the winter.

Winter moorings run from 1 October to 31 March, so your maximum period of mooring is 6 months. Your minimum is one month within those dates. Choose from 14 picturesque and well-situated Marinas for your winter home and enjoy the help and support of our friendly Waterside Crew and access to many of our marina facilities. 

You can relax this winter at the following marinas, subject to availability:

Boats on the water at Cowroast Marina

Cowroast Waterside & Marina, Hertfordshire

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Priory Waterside & Marina, Bedfordshire

BWML0919 2444

Hull Waterside & Marina, Yorkshire

BWML0919 2294

Lemonroyd Waterside & Marina, Yorkshire

BWML0919 2236

Ripon Waterside & Marina, Yorkshire

BWML0919 0827

Kings Waterside & Marina, Nottinghamshire

BWML0919 1378

Sawley Waterside & Marina, Nottinghamshire

BWML0919 1601

White Bear Waterside & Marina, Lancashire

BWML0919 1780

Galgate Waterside & Marina, Lancashire

BWML0919 1228

Diglis Waterside & Marina, Worcestershire

View across the water of Polar Dock Marina

Poplar Waterside & Marina, London

Boats across the water at Packet Boat Marina

Packet Boat Waterside & Marina, Middlesex

BWML0919 1898

Glasson Basin Waterside & Marina, Lancashire

BWML0919 0411

Limehouse Waterside & Marina, London

BWML0919 3376

Portavon Waterside and Marina, Bristol

Your winter mooring benefits

With secure and convenient locations, Waterside Crew onsite to help you out, and Gold Anchor accreditation at most of our Marinas, an Aquavista winter mooring is perfect for ‘dropping anchor’ and enjoying a winter break. And there are additional benefits too, including:

  • 10% off most chandlery purchases
  • Free Wi-Fi

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