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Exploring the night sky at Aquavista

Nov 2020, by Ryan

Exploring the night sky at Aquavista

Our Waterside & Marina locations are not only ideal locations to get close to nature and enjoy tranquillity – but they are often also great spots to explore the night sky.

So, if you enjoy standing on deck in the moonlight and watching the stars twinkle, listening to the silence that surrounds you, an Aquavista marina might be the perfect spot for you.

So whether you’re a passionate stargazer or just someone that appreciates the blissfulness of day fading to night, take a look to see where your closest dark sky discovery site is – you may be surprised by how many are on your doorstep!

Either visit Go Stargazing; or take a look at our list below…

Bath Waterside & Marina and Caravan Park

Cley Hill Car Park - National Trust

Corsely, Warminster


Portavon Waterside & Marina

Victoria Park - Bristol

Hill Avenue, Bristol

Go Stargazing Site, Public Venue


Diglis Waterside & Marina

Mill Pond - Near Birts Street

Castlemorton, Malvern

Dark Sky Discovery Site


Sawley Waterside & Marina 

The Malcolm Parry Observatory

The Long Eaton School, Nottingham



Kings Waterside & Marina

B6386 Oxton to Southwell Lay-by

Oxton Hill, Southwell

Go Stargazing Site


Hull  Waterside & Marina

Brough Observatory

Prescott Avenue, Brough

Astronomical Society, Observatory


Lemonroyd Waterside & Marina

Rosse Observatory

Carleton Road, Pontefract

Astronomical Society, Observatory


Ripon Waterside & Marina

Lime Tree Observatory

Lime Tree Farm, Grewelthorpe



Glasson Waterside & Marina

Crook O Lune Picnic Site

Low Road, Halton Green

Dark Sky Discovery Site


Galgate Waterside & Marina

Pilling Embankment

Fluke Hall Lane, Pilling

Aurora Viewpoint, Go Stargazing Site


White bear Waterside & Marina

Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory - Moor Park

Blackpool Road, Preston

Astronomical Society, Observatory


Pennington Waterside & Marina

Salford Observatory

Chaseley Road, Chasely Fields

Astronomical Society, Observatory

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