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Buy or sell a boat

Browse boats for sale to find your perfect boat, sell your boat with the Aquavista brokerage service or one of our trusted partners, and read our guides to discover the dos and don’ts of buying and selling boats.

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Buy a boat

Browse our wide range of boats for sale, from small cruisers to luxury wide-beam boats and Dutch barges, including a large selection boats for sale in London marinas.

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Buying and selling guides

Whether you are new to boating, selling a boat for the first time, or buying your next boat, discover a wealth of useful information and advice in our buying and selling guides. The guides cover everything from an introduction to waterside life to how to sell your boat successfully.

Buying and selling guides

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Floating homes

If waterside life appeals to you but responsibilities of owning and operating a boat don’t, a floating home is the answer. These luxurious living spaces offer you a residential home in a unique and natural setting.

Buy a floating home

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